The Cone

The Cone

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We're currently sold out of the Sisal Cone. We’re making more right now, and estimate they’ll be back in stock in mid November. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Tall and Sturdy

  • Integrated Nap Space

  • Replaceable Scratching Wrap in Felt or Sisal

  • Carry Loop

  • Space Saving, Modern Design

  • Multiple Accent-Color Options Included

  • Assembly Required

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The Cone is a beautiful, modern scratching post and nap space for your cat. It allows cats of all sizes to scratch, stretch, climb, and play, and its elevated nap space is the ideal place for your kitty to curl up for a snooze. The scratching wrap comes in your choice of two materials and is replaceable, making the Cone a long-lasting addition to your home. The Cone is the modern answer to ugly, boring scratching posts!



In nature, cats scratch trees because they're tall, and don't tip or wobble. At home, the next best thing is your favorite armchair. We made the Cone to give cats a better option. At over 30 inches tall, the Cone lets cats fully stretch out when they scratch, and the weighted base makes it super stable.



The Cone has the perfect sleeping nook for your kitty, which is like getting two products for the price (and space) of one! Elevated off the floor, with a soft felt pad, it's sure to be the most coveted seat in the house. For cats who do next-level shedding, the pad is removable and easily cleaned.



Cats can be picky, which is why we’re offering the Cone with a choice of scratching wraps. Our felt wrap is soft with just a bit of texture, great for cats who like to scratch softer stuff like plush carpets and drapes. Our 100% natural sisal wrap is super strong and durable with lots of texture. If your kitty is shredding the furniture to bits, this is the one for them!



The Cone is designed to be long-lasting, not another product that will quickly end up in a landfill. When the wrap becomes worn, it can be easily replaced. Our felt wrap is also reversible, and we estimate one will last a single kitty about 6 months (3 months per side). Our premium sisal wrap is super durable and can last a single cat up to five years!



You share you home with your cat, but we don’t think that means you should have to fill your home with ugly cat products, or worse, forgo cat products all together. We designed the Cone to fit in with today’s modern aesthetic. With simple, clean lines, and a neutral color palette, it’s sure to blend in perfectly with your modern tastes.



The felt loop on the top of the Cone isn’t just cute, it’s also a convenient handle, making the Cone easy to move. The soft, flexible material means it won’t get in the way of your kitties perching up top either.


Product Details

· Plastic Shell Over Wood Frame
· 31” Height (33” with carry loop)
· 16” Diameter Base
· 12 lb Weight (13 lb with sisal wrap)
· Assembly Required

Assembly Instructions