How can I buy The Cone?
They’re not for sale quite yet. We will announce where and when you can buy them on our website and via our mailing list when they're ready.


How much will the Cone cost?
Pricing for the Cone will start at $130

Is the Cone big enough for my big cat?
As a rough guide, we think the Cone will be big enough (inside and out) for cats up to 18 lbs.


How difficult is the Cone to assemble?
We estimate it’ll take most folks around 20-30 minutes assemble. The assembly requires no special tools beyond a Phillips head screwdriver. We’ve also made a handy instruction video to make things even easier.


Where did the Corr Lounge go?
We’re currently working on some improvements to the Corr Lounge. It will be back in the future. 


Who are your kitty models?
Beadie and Rhonda Pearlman are calico sisters from a different mister. They’re founder Evan Ryan’s beloved fur babies and the official product testers and models of WISKI.


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