How can I buy The Cone or The Corr Lounge?
They’re not for sale quite yet. We are manufacturing them now, and will announce where and when you can buy them on our website and via our mailing list when they're ready.


How much will these products cost?
Expected retail pricing will be $130 for The Cone and $70 for The Corr Lounge


When will your products be available outside of the U.S.?
We are working hard to make sales outside of the U.S. possible but do not have a firm date yet for when that will be available. When we are able to make this possible, we will announce it via our mailing list. 


Is The Cone big enough for my big cat?
As a rough guide, we think The Cone will be big enough (inside and out) for cats up to 18 lbs.


How difficult is The Cone to assemble?
We’ve put a lot of work into making the assembly as simple as possible. We think it’ll take most people around 15 minutes or less to assemble the product. The assembly requires no tools beyond a Phillips head screwdriver. We will also be providing an assembly instruction video to make the process even easier.


What happened to the other Cone design that used to be on your website?
Our original Cone ended up being too costly to manufacture. We received great feedback about the design and the price point and have spent the last year working to bring the cost down, resulting in the current Cone design.


Do you plan to ever make the original Cone?
At this time, we do not have any plans to manufacture the original design.


Who are your kitty models?
Beadie and Rhonda Pearlman are calico sisters from a different mister. They’re founder Evan Ryan’s beloved fur babies and the official product testers and models of WISKI.


Still have questions? Please email us at meow@wiskicat.com