Introducing The Cone and The Corr Lounge, available soon on Kickstarter.


This April, WISKI will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for two modern cat scratchers, The Cone and The Corr Lounge. If the fundraising is successful, the two products will be the first to be manufactured by the company, which is dedicated to creating simple, good-looking products for design-minded cat owners. WISKI is led by Evan Ryan, a veteran industrial designer with more than a decade of experience in design and manufacturing.

The Cone
The Cone is a stylish, long-lasting scratching post and nap space for cats. Tall and sturdy, it’s designed to allow cats of all sizes to scratch, stretch, climb and play. The Cone’s replaceable scratching wraps come in felt and sisal, and the product will be available in 3 colorways. The Cone will be available on Kickstarter for special pricing starting at $99.

The Corr Lounge
The Corr Lounge is a modern take on the humble cardboard scratcher. Elastic bands available in 3 bright colors hold the cardboard layers together, and a reusable white metal base raises the cardboard off the ground. The cardboard core is refillable and can also be used on its own without the base (sold separately as The Corr). The Corr Lounge will be available on Kickstarter for special pricing starting at $60, and starting at $25 for The Corr.

Please visit our dropbox press kit for high resolution images and more:


  • Simple, modern scratchers and nap spaces for your cat

  • Replaceable scratching surfaces on both products make them long lasting

  • Both products will be available on Kickstarter soon (date TBD in April 2018)

  • Kickstarter prices starting at $25 offering discounts on expected retail pricing


WISKI is a design-focused cat brand dedicated to making simple modern products that you'll love as much as your cat does. WISKI was founded by industrial designer Evan Ryan when he became frustrated with the limited options in the pet aisle. A proud cat daddy, he tried many scratching posts for his cats, but even those that worked were noticeably out-of-date with his home décor. Ultimately, he decided to put his skills to use and create a new generation of modern cat products. His collaborators are a small group of folks with backgrounds in business, sales, marketing, and manufacturing. 


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