Replacement Scratching Wrap

Replacement Scratching Wrap

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We're currently sold out of the Sisal Wrap. We’re making more right now, and estimate they’ll be back in stock in October. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Replacement scratching wrap for the Cone

  • Felt: 6 month estimated lifespan (single cat)

  • Sisal: 5 year estimated lifespan (single cat)

  • Both wraps are compatible with every Cone

  • Felt wrap is reversible

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Choose the best scratch for your cat


Our Felt Wrap is soft with just a bit of texture, great for cats who like to scratch softer stuff like plush carpets and drapes. The felt wrap is also reversible, and we estimate one will last a single kitty about 6 months (3 months per side).

Our 100% natural Sisal Wrap is super strong and durable with lots of texture. If your kitty is shredding the furniture to bits, this is the one for them! We estimate our premium sisal wrap can last a single cat up to five years!

Every Cone is compatible with both the felt and sisal wrap. If your Cone originally came with one, you can easily switch to the other anytime!

Please note that the estimated lifespan of our wraps is just that: an estimate. It’s not a guarantee, and unfortunately, we can’t refund or exchange wraps that wear quicker than our estimates. How your wrap wears will depend on how many cats you have, how frequently they scratch, and how intensely they scratch. Our estimates are based on a single cat household; multiple cat households will likely experience faster wear.